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Broward Victim's Rights Coalition

The Coalition was established by victim service professionals and volunteers in 1991.

What We Do?

The coalition was established in 1991 in order to network with other victim service providers.

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Violent crime affects victims, their families, and loved ones physically, financially, and emotionally.

Why Join?

Come work with community stakeholders to provide services and support for crime victims.

Welcome to the Broward Victim’s Rights Coalition

What is BVRC?

The Broward Victim’s Rights Coalition is where advocacy and empowerment converge. Since 1991, our coalition of dedicated victim service professionals, volunteers, law enforcement professionals, and victims themselves have been a beacon of hope and resilience in Broward County. We believe in the strength of unity, the power of knowledge, and the right of every victim to reclaim their life. Together, BVRC builds a safer, more compassionate community.

The BVRC has grown into a formidable network of service providers, businesses, law enforcement professionals, administrators from various levels of government, and most importantly, victims of crime. We are bound by our shared commitment to improving the lives of crime victims.

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Our Mission

We work tirelessly to increase public awareness about victims’ rights and needs, promote citizen participation in victim service programs, and provide vital technical support for victim-related educational initiatives. Advocating on behalf of crime victims is at the core of our mission, and we continually strive to be recognized leaders in this important cause in Broward County.

Every Day

Every Hour in America there are

2 Murders

2 Drunk Driving Deaths

28 Rapes

58 Robberies

67 Attacks on Women by Someone They Know

103 Neglectful or Abusive Acts Toward Children

157 Stalkings


Join Us

Violent crime affects victims, their families, and loved ones physically, financially, and emotionally.

Membership enables one to join with others to assist victims of violent crime and promote greater public awareness about crime victims and their needs.

Broward Victim’s Rights Coalition

Telephone: 954.357.5775 Ext. 5761


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